The work automation platform for MATs

Get everyday work done quickly and reliably with ready-to-go solutions, or build anything from scratch.

"Habitude is increasing our capacity and our effectiveness right across the Trust. I cannot recommend Habitude highly enough."
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"Habitude is collaboration made effortless. Everyone sees the flow of work, where things are stuck, and how to move it forward."
"Using Habitude helps us to be consistent across our Trust and focus on the things that matter ."
Our workflows automate recurring admin & processes. We turn your predictable work into really efficient, trackable, integrated workflows that grow as you grow.
...into workflows
Staff can get back to the important stuff 🤓

Each workflow captures a process inside your organisation... And every step in that workflow captures one piece of the process.

The workflow will then run every time it is triggered. Here, the workflow will run every time a Capital Request form is filled in.

Workflows can replace most recurring admin. They are incredibly flexible, bending to solve just about any process.

...that keep the wheels turning.

Habitude is the plumbing that connects your teams, other platforms and data together. It plugs into your everyday platforms and can get routine work done on them for you. It also plugs into your teams, giving key players the right tasks at the right time.


Your workflows are fully trackable, with the right people given the right level of visibility. The activity page will become your new home for accurate and auditable processes.

We integrate with your email, spreadsheets, MIS, finance & HR systems, and many more...

...and it plugs into your teams and helps the right people to contribute to process at the right time with the right information.

When processes scale well, growth becomes sustainable 📈

No. With Habitude you bring together the different parts of your processes using our visual builder - no code needed. And that includes complex integrations into your other platforms.

We also have a library of use cases which you can use as a starting point... you just plug in the right people, systems and data to make it fit your context.

Habitude only stores what it needs to on-platform and nothing else. Most of your data will stay inside your existing platforms. Data that passes through Habitude as part of a process will be encrypted and de-sensitised wherever possible.

For data that does reside on Habitude strict security layers are in place to ensure that it can only be accessed by those the permission to.

Secret keys and access tokens to other platforms are encrypted and stored off-platform in a specialised authentication tenant.

At the moment Habitude is using Wonde to integrate with all widely used UK MIS systems.

You can check whether yours is included here:

Integration with the everyday systems that MATs and schools are using is key to our customer's success on Habitude.

We are starting with the systems you use everyday - Microsoft and Google and your MIS. From there we will be continuing to add integrations that will increase the range of work that can be completed through Habitude.

Email if you have a specific request.

If you have more questions, suggestions for the platform, partnership queries or anything else then we would love to hear from you!

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